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Please allow 2-4 weeks for straightening, chroming and delivery. Painted items may require more time to process. Rush orders can be accommodated in most cases. Please call or e-mail for details.



• Half down required before work is started
• Full payment must be submitted before shipping
• Shipping costs are extra
• Minimum charge is $50.00 per order


Prices quoted by picture, telephone, or fax, are estimates only, and are largely determined by the time required to complete each job. We must personally inspect each job before a final Quote is determined.


We accept the following major credit cards:


• American Express
• Visa
• MasterCard


Preparation for Plating


No surface preparation is required before shipping your parts to us, please DO NOT SANDBLAST YOUR PARTS! We will strip paint, rust and lacquer from your parts, but please have them as free of grease as possible. All parts must be completely disassembled, and will be returned to you disassembled.




Please pack your items carefully! Use packing and wrapping material or any necessary material to keep items from rubbing against each other during the shipment and place small parts in a can or in a box. To ensure the list of items sent, please include a packing list in your shipment, with your name, address phone number and special instructions (if any).


Grills, radiator shells, and other large parts that can be easily damaged, should be shipped in wooden boxes. We'll use your container to return your parts to you, once they have been plated.


UPS is our preferred carrier, although you may ship by air, bus, truck or parcel post. Be sure to adequately insure your parts and clearly mark you name and street address on each shipping container.


Pot Metal


We do not chrome the following:


• Plastic
• Rims/Wheels


The process for chroming wheels or rims is very different from the process we use, and unfortunately, we are not set up to chrome wheels.


Types of Chrome:

“Show Chrome” (sometimes called Nickel-Chrome) is used for bumpers and automotive brightwork. It involves a coating of nickel, to give it a mirror finish, followed by a flash of chrome for tarnish resistance and extra corrosion resistance.


“Hard Chrome” is a thick layer of chrome that offers exceptional hardness, but limited corrosion resistance and a dull finish. Hard Chrome has industrial applications but is not used for brightwork.
We are not set up for Hard Chrome -- Show Chrome only.

Our office and plant hours are 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM (MST), Monday through Friday

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