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Pot Metal

What is Pot Metal? 

Pot metal, also called die cast or white metal, is an alloy of inexpensive metals with a low melting point. The metals are melted and poured into a mold to create a shape. Hood ornaments, door handles, grills, window lifts, dashboard trim and body trim are usually made from pot metal. There is no specific formula but it usually includes some combination of zinc, lead, copper, tin, aluminum, iron, magnesium and/or cadmium. Pot metal is prone to deterioration and over time becomes pitted, chipped, dented and cracked. Repairing pot metal deterioration is difficult and labor intensive; however, our technicians are skilled specialists and can repair and re-plate your item so that it looks like new again.


The Restoration Process

First, the original chrome or nickel finish is chemically removed. The item is then further cleaned and areas of pitting, corrosion, scratches and other damage are identified. Our technicians repair damaged areas, drill out pits and deterioration, and then solder and fill repaired areas to the original shape. The item is then polished until perfectly smooth and plated with a durable chrome surface.


Pricing for each job is determined individually and is based on the complexity of the items and the amount of pitting or damage that must be repaired. As we must inspect the items to determine job cost, an exact quote cannot be given over the phone. However, we will never begin a job without first obtaining your approval. Occasionally, after removing the original chrome or nickel plating, underlying damage is discovered. In the event that it is necessary to increase the processing cost of your order, or if it is discovered that the item is damaged beyond repair, we will notify you before proceeding.


• Minimum charge is $50.00 per order
• Half down is required before work is started
• Full payment must be submitted before shipping
• Shipping costs are extra
• A 7% waste treatment surcharge is added to every order

We accept the following major credit cards:

• American Express
• Visa
• MasterCard


Please DO NOT grind or sandblast parts. This will only cause damage, which must be repaired and can increase the cost of the job. Completely disassemble your parts, wash off any oil or grease, and ship or bring them in.

Completion Time

Because each job is unique, the turn time for each order varies. When we receive your order we will give you an estimated completion time. Orders are processed in the order they are received and typically take from 2-6 weeks; however, if extra damage is discovered or complications arise, we would rather take a little extra time and make sure the job is done right. If you have a deadline for when you need your part, such as a car show, please plan ahead and send your order well in advance.


Pack your items carefully using packing or wrapping material to prevent items from rubbing against each other. Place small parts in a separate bag or container so they will not be lost if the box is damaged during shipping. To make sure we receive all of your parts, please include a packing list itemizing each part, with your name, address, phone number and any special instructions. Once your order is completed, we will return it to you in the original shipping container.


We look forward to helping you with your pot metal restoration needs!

Our office and plant hours are 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM (MST), Monday through Friday

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